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Buying a kilt


All kilts are traditionally hand crafted and completely hand sewn with the exception of the waistband. The highest quality  materials are used down to the smallest detail of the leather straps which are specially made at a local saddlers.
An extensive range of sample books are available for customers to browse through and staff are on hand to help guide and advise customers towards finding exactly what they are looking for. 
Kilts under construction can be viewed and details of how they are made explained to the customer.  Measurements are taken and the kilt is made up to fitting stage, which takes approximately 6 - 7 weeks.  The customer then returns for a fitting to ensure the kilt fits well, before being finally finished.  Please see our 'measuring' page if you need to take your own measurements.   
Linings are then inserted and after a final press, the kilt is available for collection.  Tartan flashes are made to match. 
It is adviseable to book an appointment prior to attending.
Medium Weight Kilts - from £425
Heavy Weight Kilts - from £475
Special Weaves - from £650
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